Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bgal & Workouts

I'm moving to Japan to persue my dream of becoming a Bgal dancer. You're
Gonna see me on Party Hard Tuesdays doing the dutty wine lol just kidding.
I can't dance well and I'm not in shape.  I've decided that I wanted to start working out. 
NOT because I think I'm fat, I'm far from it. I just want to tone up 
and gain some muscle. I'm so weak and frail and I hate that. I think for now I'm just 
gonna do palates until I get all things I need like protein and stuff.
I know NOTHING about fitness this is be something entire new for me.
I'm gonna start as soon as possible I need some positive shizz in my life.
Maybe after I get in shape I'll learn how to dance bcuz I need some hobbies.

If you guys didn't know I loooooooooooooooove Bgal & Japanese Dancehall.
I watch the video all the time on TY and It's one of my goals in life to go to
Tokyo or Osaka and go to a Dancehall clubs. Although I'm not into dressing BGal
as much as I used too. It's kind of an on & off thing for me sometimes.
But I want to get into it again. I think I'll do another make up tutorial and
some Bgal style 101 and compile a list of dancer and artist.

My friend got me hooked on a j-reggae artist named Lecca and I really like
her music.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Julia Boutique Item Review~

I just wanted to share my new one piece from Julia boutique. 
I got this a few weeks and I was kinda to lazy to take pics.
My friend Keisuke shipped it to me fo free bcuz we friends~ LOL 
As a joke he but his last name  lol and he sent me a Birthday
message that said "ロリータギャルみやびちゃんおたんじょうびおめでとう
This one piece was super cheap I want to say about 556.43¥  about $7
I wasn't expecting it to be  great for the price but it's a pretty 
good quality and the details are really nice.
The screen printing say's rock spirit twice 
I guess the brand is Stella ? Overall I really like the Item.
It fits really nice. It look 10x better with a D.I.A style belt but sadly I don't
have one so I improvised .
The shoulder flap thingy zips up too. I could be own two different ways
I look ugly in the second set of photos

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GALaxy Nails

I've been a little unhappy for the past few day's. So I haven't 
been dressing up lately, I'm full time gal so that's pretty unusual
for I haven't had anything OOTD or anything so I
apologize  but anyways I guess I feel a little better
and I decided to do my nail's again! YAY~ 
I tried  to do galaxy nails. I guess they turned out iight.
The colors I used were dark blue, light blue, purple,black, hot pink,
blue shimmer, pink shimmer and of course clear coat.
Here are my reals nails before I cut them. They were all uneven.
After I applied the acrylic and filed them.  Not half bad for
my 2nd time doing my own nails.
 This is what they look like painted. First I painted my nails
black, then using a sponge blotted on each color. 
Then I added rhinestones bcuz what is a galaxy without stars.
I didn't clean up the edges before taking this picture so they
look a little jank but w/e LOL. Thanks for reading