Monday, May 27, 2013


I recently bought skin care products for my face desu.
I heard Ambi was good but it's not really working it makes my face
worst!! I just want perfect skin ashdfshfhdjfh! I like also tried
some pure African soap that looked like meatloaf that didn't work either.
I think North Carolina air is poison to my skin or something 
The Avon make up remover works well tho.
 Hahah I'll probably just end up going to the dermatologist  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gyaru Inspired Pop//Soda//

Today I went out to buy a presentation portfolio. I was supposed
to have it a long time ago but yall know me.I'm always on nigg-time,
I procrastinate until the last minute to do everything.
  I got this really nice translucent acrylic landscape presentation book.
It was about $86 + $20 for the slip covers that were sold separately.
but the guy working at the store was kind and gave me a discount  

Anyways here is one of my portfolio pieces. It's a gyaru inspired soda! 

Click to enlarge it! My lovely fb friends helped me come up with flavors
Theres Agepoyo Apple, Buriteri berry and Kumicky Shortcake.
The bottles are a little pixelated so I have to change them but w/e
Thanks for reading チュチュ!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

96 Gal メイク!

Step1: Evenly apply foundation, I'm using Revlon Color-stay.
Step2: Highlight the bring of the nose, I'm using L.A. Colors pressed powder BPP320 Nude

Step3: With a brown matte eye shadow contour down the sides of the nose and under the eyebrows creating a triangle shape. Make sure to blend evenly so your nose doesn't look dirty.
Step4: With the same pressed powder highlight the brow bone.
Step5: Apply eye shadow to eyelid,   I chose to use dark grey.
Step6: Using a black eyeliner pencil draw a small black line in the center of the bottom lid. I'm using
Remmel London SandalEYES in black.
Step7: Use black liquid liner to draw in the rest of the eyeliner and create a new eye shape.
Step8: Lastly apply a pair of bold top and bottom lashes.

All done!