Sunday, November 11, 2012

Julia Boutique Item Review~

I just wanted to share my new one piece from Julia boutique. 
I got this a few weeks and I was kinda to lazy to take pics.
My friend Keisuke shipped it to me fo free bcuz we friends~ LOL 
As a joke he but his last name  lol and he sent me a Birthday
message that said "ロリータギャルみやびちゃんおたんじょうびおめでとう
This one piece was super cheap I want to say about 556.43¥  about $7
I wasn't expecting it to be  great for the price but it's a pretty 
good quality and the details are really nice.
The screen printing say's rock spirit twice 
I guess the brand is Stella ? Overall I really like the Item.
It fits really nice. It look 10x better with a D.I.A style belt but sadly I don't
have one so I improvised .
The shoulder flap thingy zips up too. I could be own two different ways
I look ugly in the second set of photos

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ohhhh they sell Stellaaaaaa. One of my OP/tops (I'll face it, their shit is like a sweater on me ; A;) is from Stella. Pretty good quality mmmmm

  2. Wow this looks super gorgeous on you! <3

  3. Dayum gurl you gon make me leave Kevin for you I swear! xD I hate how expensive DIA belts are god damn's not fair > <

    1. LOL you don't have to leave him we can be on downlow ;D

      They are its crazyy and even similar belts i've found are kinda pricey like $30. I got some links if you want.
      and also Himecastle has MARS belts that look like D.I.A
      for $80

  4. mmm dat brack & gold~~

    You're mad lucky u get to rock their shyt with ease.
    ugh =/

  5. OMG, I've been following you on instagram and I had no idea that you had a blog! XD

    Gosh you are so beautiful! Your outfits are amazing! :D

    1. OMGGG I didn't know you had a blog either /follows

      T-T no YOU are beautifullll! I envy your clothesssss jsjsjsjsjsj

    2. YAY thankssss!

      But YOU are the beautiful one! And I need your epic clothes! ;A;

    3. O.o what I have no epic clothes besides for a few items
      what are uu saying >< lololol
      I need to raid your closet

  6. Youree prettyy whoehoeheo ^^