Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bgal & Workouts

I'm moving to Japan to persue my dream of becoming a Bgal dancer. You're
Gonna see me on Party Hard Tuesdays doing the dutty wine lol just kidding.
I can't dance well and I'm not in shape.  I've decided that I wanted to start working out. 
NOT because I think I'm fat, I'm far from it. I just want to tone up 
and gain some muscle. I'm so weak and frail and I hate that. I think for now I'm just 
gonna do palates until I get all things I need like protein and stuff.
I know NOTHING about fitness this is be something entire new for me.
I'm gonna start as soon as possible I need some positive shizz in my life.
Maybe after I get in shape I'll learn how to dance bcuz I need some hobbies.

If you guys didn't know I loooooooooooooooove Bgal & Japanese Dancehall.
I watch the video all the time on TY and It's one of my goals in life to go to
Tokyo or Osaka and go to a Dancehall clubs. Although I'm not into dressing BGal
as much as I used too. It's kind of an on & off thing for me sometimes.
But I want to get into it again. I think I'll do another make up tutorial and
some Bgal style 101 and compile a list of dancer and artist.

My friend got me hooked on a j-reggae artist named Lecca and I really like
her music.


  1. my advise, do one workout routine. I do squats only so im focus on one area (and one area hurts at a time). Best yet if I want candy I have to do 30-50 squats for one piece of candy. After 2 pieces you just dont want anymore cause you are tired haha.
    I remember dancehall being huge back then, my brother and his friends would go to clubs and dance. Im not as good as a dancer as I was back when I was in a dance group. I became an artist and my group went on to dance for celebrities. I always wonder what if XD

  2. Ay if we ever meet up I can teach you at stuff. The only thing I'm good at is dancing and I love watching the dancehall girls from japan.

  3. Lol I thought you were forreal about the whole bgal dancer thingXD You could do it though~
    UGH That purple hair <3 <3 <3