Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2013 NOMINEES!!!

The nominees for GGA 2013 are up here! I was nominated
 for best nose make up again this year! YAY me!!!
Please go and vote for your favorite gals!

Click HERE to vote!!! Voting ends May 30th!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Hair Color & Gift's from ウサギぴょん

I colored my hair recently, If you're
friends with me on FB or follow me on Tumblr you
probably have already seen it 
The color is aquamarine and I used Adore temp dye
to color it.
Also my waifu sent me lovely gifts! To see what I got
and to see my hair in action please check out my video!
I actually talk 

ピッツバグpt2 Tekkoshocon X-2

I went to Tekkoshocon X-2 over the weekend!
It was suuuuuuuuuuuuuper fun. I got drunk for like
2 days straight LOL don't worry I don't usually
drink that much only on special occasions.
Side note: My friends are all 21+

On day one of the con I didn't arrive until Friday night
 so I missed all the con shizz so I just chilled with my 
friends in our room. The next day we woke up super
early to get ready for the con~ I cosplayed as a maid
Before heading to the con we got food then pre-gamed
When we first arrived at the con I seen Kei!!! I was
happy to see her bcuz it's been so long.
Oh and Karen made an awesome Catbug costume
That Xero(Cloud) kidnapped/ accidentally destroyed
her hardwork lol.

 Later in the day I caught up with Kei at the Cantoy 
concert and we rocked out!  
Dazzle Vision played too but I didn't like their sound so I left.
After the concert me and Kei waited in line for autographs I
got a poster since it was the cheapest #brokebitchproblems.
Later on back at the hotel we saw the bassist
of Cantoy and this guy from Dazzle Vision
And thanks too Kei's magical ass nihongo skills 
we got to hangout with Haga and Tony 
who was a temp guitarist from Dazzle Vision.
That's pretty much it I had a LOT of fun I can't
wait to go to another con and see my friends~
>< Oh and I bought ANOTHER Nu'est I need to stahp!