Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Luvin Virgin Hair from Aliexpress: First Impressions

Today I received my order of Brazilian virgin hair from a store on Aliexpress called  Luvin. I'm going to tell you guise my first impressions of the hair etc. This my first time buying from this seller and buying virgin hair so I'm not an expert on this type of stuff. Anyways I got 3 bundles in the lengths 20,22,24 $186 (I believe) which is relatively inexpensive. The shipping took about 4 days,which is not bad at all. The bundles are a decent-ish size and the hair is thick so I'm happy about that. My sister ordered hair from a different Ali store and her's weren't as full as mine.
Each bundle came with a cute ribbon with the stores name on it  and individually wrapped in packages separated by length.  

Before I even took them out of the package, I noticed some of then ends of the hair lightened.It look's like whoever owned this hair before me over did it with the dye just a bit.  I also noticed that the hair had a bunch of split ends. I'm p sure that's not a good thing, but the hair is very soft and smooth. (click the photo to enlarg) I am planing on bleaching/dying this hair myself and hopefully it will be able to handle that.

Overall I am pretty satisfied with my purchase so far. Besides for the minor things mentioned. I knew it wasn't going to be %100 perfect seeing that it was sort of cheap.  I'll update again once I wash,color, and install the hair. If you are a master of weave please tell me if my purchase was a decent one and what to look for next time I buy hair.



  1. well, at least you know it really is 100% real hair xD

  2. Split ends are a bit concerning. But maybe it's because you ordered it in a lighter shade than I do but even so I haven't come across someone who's experienced split ends from fresh new bundles. Maybe you should try Queen Hair instead. I personally haven't but I searched up the top best hair vendors on ali and people say they're number 1.

    Regardless of the ends, your hair is going to look boss when you bleach it!

  3. Yeah I'm going to message them about it as soon as I can. The hair is supposed to be a 1b so idk why is so light. I'm deff going to find a different seller next time. I'll look into Queen hair, thanks.

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