Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kimchi Bambi Pink Lens-Review-

Sup guys! I recenly purchased a new pair of len, Kimchi Bambi Pink! They are similar to Tsubasa Masukawa's lens Princess Mimi's or Bambi lens series, except they come a few different colors pink, purple & blue.

I got these lens from for a VERY decent price! I bargain shop so I was pretty excited. They were $19.00 + $5 shipping -%10 using a discount code my total come to $22.10
Shipping was pretty fast it took about 2 weeks to receive. This was my first time buying from them & I will most definitely order from there again. My rating for them ★★★★ (four out of four stars)

Lens Info!
Diameter : 16mm

Water Content : 55%

Power Range : 0.00 to -8.50

Life Span : 1 Year

When buying lens I choose by enlargement (I like 14.5mm+) How bright the color of the lens are & the design. I don't like lens with outrageous designs but also not to dull. Rating: Vibrancy (★★★★) Design (★★★) Enlargement (★★★)
I rated the design three stars because they don't blend well in the center & if they aren't aligned they look derpy. I rated the enlargement three stars because I have Geo xtra Pink and they have a better effect.
Over all I really like them <3


No make up in indoor lighting

w/ make up no flash

thanks for reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ