Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Budget Buys: YISHANG MEI 24 Hour Captivation Eyeliner -Review-

Hello, today I'll be doing a review on eyeliner I got from Amazon. My senpai brought it for me as a gift from my wishlist. (Thank's again senpai) Anyways the eyeliner I will be reviewing is called YISHANG MEI 24 Hour Captivation Eyeliner. I decided to buy this liner because it was cheap and I was hoping it be good liner despite the price. 
Product Information
Color: Black
Type: Liquid
Style: 0.1mm felt tip for precision

The liner comes in a really cute pink package with a 3D heart and a cute gyaru looking model. And as you can see the liners design is extremely similar to Dolly Wink eyeliner which made me want to purchase this product. I've heard a lot of good reviews about DW liner, but I've never tried it because it's a little pricey. I was hoping this would be a inexpensive alternative but naw...This product is
  • The pointed edge makes it early to draw eyeliner perfectly. 
  • Good for correcting mistakes.  

  • Not water proof
  • Draws streaky 89% of the time
  • Does not last 24 hours

Product Rating:
(2 out of 5) I probably would not buy this product again but I do use it because I don't like to waste things.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My base make up routine.

I recently watched my gal pal Pepa's base make up routine on the Latin Gyaru YT channel. It kind of inspired me to make this post.  My routine is a lot more basic bitch compared to hers but w/e lol links to that HERE if you would like to check that out (It all in Spanish btw).
I know a lot of people have be like dying to see what I look like o'natural well your wish will be granted.
(,,#゚Д゚) Here is a rare picture of me with out make up. PLEASE excuse my face I know I look kind of busted, but this why I wear make up.
On to the beautification process aka how I trick people into thinking I'm good looking.
Side note:  Sorry I didn't draw like diagrams for my highlights and contouring. I tried to but it came out really sloppy looking because I don't have a graphic tablet.
Step 1: Highlighting- I use Garnier Nutritioniste  Skin Renew concealer under my eye, high point of my chin, and nose bridge/ T-zone. I then use a pressed power to set the conceal so my face doesn't get shinny. 
Step 2: Foundation- I use Revlon Color-stay in shade 370 toast to cover the imperfections on the rest of my face. Then I blend that with the concealer. Since the Revlon foundation is slightly too light for my skin tone I then buff a layer of darker foundation over my entire face so I don't look like I hate myself (*´・v・)

Step 3: Contouring- With a brown matte eye shadow I shade the sides of my nose, the hollows of my cheeks and my chin. Then I fill in my eye brows and correct any mistakes ( (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) I really hate these pictures they aren't very good)

Final step: Lastly is eye make up, lip gloss (god knows I need it), eyelashes, and blush! TADA~ I look like a  new person! 

Thanks for reading! (or at least looking at the picture lol)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ebay Top & Bottom Lash Review.

Hiiii, today I'll be reviewing lashes I got from Ebay recently. 
The first pair are top lashes from a seller located in CA, The shipping was very fast.
The package of 10 pair of lashes cost $10 at buy now price ( I didn't feel like bidding).
They're really soft and made of human hair ( I think). The design is very nice they could be worn with both light and heavy styles of make up. The band is transparent and fairly flexible. I really like these lashes and I'd
definitely buy them again. Overall I rate them 【★★★★★】5 out of 5 stars.

The second pair of lashes I got were bottom lashes. These lashes were shipped from China. The shipping time was fair they didn't provide a tracking number though.
These lashes are also very soft and made of human hair, I really like these as well.
They're perfect for heavy eye make up,  I'd defiantly buy these again as well. My only issue with them is the transparent band isn't easy to hide, and they create a shadow under my eyelids. The shadow isn't so bad because I usually add "Aegyo Sal" when I do eye make up. But others may be okay with that. My rating for these are 【★★★★☆】4 out of 5 stars.

These lashes are a good combo, I'm completely happy with my purchases.