Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Gaijin Gal Inspos

Sorry I haven't made any posts in a while. I've been a little meh and I kind of 
settled down on my gal activities. I was having a few personal issues over the past 2 months 
or so. I'm kind of over it now, and I feel well enough to start doing gal full time again.

Anyways I want to follow trend and make a post about the gals who inspire me
style and make wise. Okay let's get started!!!!
( Oh and I apologize in advanced for jacking these pictures)

Rinkkopuff : She so cute her eye make is perfect.
Not only do I love her make I love her style, she's so metal.
She's also a sweetheart and runs a pretty snazzy blog.

Anji: I've been like /obsessed/ with how cute
Anji is since I seen her eye make tutorial on YT. She
gorgeous and I love how she rocks agejo so very well.
I envy her Ma*rs wardrobe.

Emi Marie:  She's so sweet and I love her blog.
Her eye make is always so cute and bold.

Pinksugarichigo: She is flawless and drop dead  GORGEOUS. 
she has been one of my inspirations since I started gyaru.
Her make is always amazing and her coords are too.

りーりー:  Her make is always on point. Great lashes and
coords. I love how she mixes grudge and gyaru.

Queenie:  Her hair is full of secrets! She's super
sweet and funny <3 I wanna raid her closet.

Ash: Her style is bangin' I love her contorting and eye make.
She's always willing to help people out with their style
and she gives great advice <3 

Pin: Last but not least. Pin was one of the first Gaijin
Gals I ever seen. His style is over the top and I just
LOVE him. I hope one day I can't reach that god
LVL of gyaru and big hair. #goals

I have tons of other gals I look up too but I just listed a few of my
all time faves! That's all thanks for reading.