Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shopping on Aliexpress + Buys

Lately Aliepress has been on the rise in popularity. A lot of people are a little weary about buying from the site because in the past it wasn't as trust worthy compared to eBay.Unlike most sites, Aliexpress doesn't accept Paypal. Which also scares people away from buying because if you do receive a bad item it's going to be difficult to get a refund. I myself was a bit iffy about it, but I decided to take a chance and buy a few items.  So far I haven't had any issue but I also did research on things before buying. For example A while back I  wanted to purchased virgin hair extensions. Before doing so I searched for reviews on YouTube. I know all sponsored reviewers aren't going to be reliable, so I watched both sponsored and non-sponsored videos.
The hair was my most expensive buy from the site. I felt a little more comfortable shopping there afterward.  Chances are there won't be reviews on clothing and beauty items outside of the site, so the best thing is to check each stores seller rating and hope for the best.

I bought 3 clothing items from different stores, I'll add a link to the items for those interested in purchasing them.
"Boy London" ( I'm bad I know)
Style: Crop top
Size: Free
Colors: black & white
Price: $6.00 _(no longer available from the seller)
Thoughts: I really like the shirt, the quality is decent for a Chinese knock off. I even got a like from BL Korea on instagram.
Dislike: The collar is a bit lazy.

Floral print jersey
Style: Crop top
Size: Free
Colors: black & white
Price: $8.60
Thoughts: The material is nice,the print is vibrant, and it fits great
Dislike: None


Tokyo cap with faux leather bill.

Style: Snap-back
Size: Free ( Adjustable)
Colors: Black & White
Thoughts:I LOVE this hat I used to wear it almost everyday, I got a lot of compliments on it. I like the printed text at the bottom the bill. I'm not sure what "prevalentness" means but it looks cool.
Dislike: Stitching on the bill of the hat is a big off.
Click: HERE

Thanks for reading~ I hope someone finds this useful..maybe idk!??? I also recently purchased a few more items from Aliexpress that I will be reviewing soon. Happy shopping!