Sunday, July 20, 2014

うみべの女[ Daytona Beach]

A few weeks back ,my little sister graduated from high school. As a grad gift my mum took us to Daytona Florida for the weekend. It was pretty awesome because I've never been to a beach with such nice water. It was so pretty and blue.
Chillin under the umbrella.

My little sister

Someone lost their breast implant jk it's a jelly fish lol

Me returning to the ocean to be with my mermaid family. Hahah I wanted to show off my awesome bikini I got from Holister. I loooooove the bow on the back that sh*t is hella kawaii..

 This trip was one of the funniest things I've done this summer. I had a really great time I didn't want to leave~  I envy my gal friends that live in Florida haha.
weeell, that's all thanks for read ( or at least looking at the picture)