Sunday, June 10, 2012

So about my wig...

I just remember a few Gals in the Black Gyaru
Group ask me about my light brown wig. I meant
to make a post about it but you know me.
So I got this wig last year from Ebay (I'll try
and find the link if you're interested) I didn't
actually like it because it didn't look right on my skin tone 
Since I didn't like it at the time I tried to cut 
& style it the way Pin did his but OMG FAIL. I'm not
that talented and I gave up but I did remove the
shine & cut layers in it so that improved its look.
Later on the curls fell & I straightened it. Somehow
the wig got drakers O.o maybe bcuz I melted the fibers
and this is the current state of the wig its so tanglely
and constantly sheds hair but it looks nice in pictures 


Today my new cosplay costume arrived!
I really like it BUT the skirt sucks ( ̄ー ̄;)
It's soo thin & it can be easily ripped off! LOL
but whatever mang ya get what you pay for.
I'm going to get some cute shorts to wear with it
like those but in a darker color.
 On to my coord from 06082012! It was pretty
casual! I went to the mall with my family.  
I got a two pair of really cute socks thinking they were
 knee high but they weren't the cashier lied to me! 
(。-`ω´-) & A bunch of ppl made negative comments
about my hair and I even got called Nicki Minaj.
but w/e I'm kawaii as fuqq  lol anyways
Thanks for reading!!!!!! More Posts & tutorials soon
I know I always say that BUT I promised my Gals
in the Black Gyaru Group I'd help out with the
channel so I have to keep my word!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello ghouls It's be a long time since I last undated
ひさしぶり!  First of all I wanted to Thank EVERYONE 
who voted for me in the Gajin Gyaru Awards! I strongly appreciate it!
I was really excited when I got the news but of course I couldn't say anything
until the GGA premiered! Love you all! 

Anyways over the weekend I got pink hair! (its only a quick weave)
I posted a few pictures on tumblr (
 if you follow my blog then I'm sure you've seen it! 

Also I'm 99% sure I'm going to Otakon this year!
I'm hoping to finish my Skyrim cosplay in time.
There so much work I need to do. If not I have a back up
plan! I'll just be Hatsune Miku again 
If you're going hit me up! We could meet up & take pics 
or something lol! If you're 21+ we can get some drinks lol!