Sunday, June 10, 2012


Today my new cosplay costume arrived!
I really like it BUT the skirt sucks ( ̄ー ̄;)
It's soo thin & it can be easily ripped off! LOL
but whatever mang ya get what you pay for.
I'm going to get some cute shorts to wear with it
like those but in a darker color.
 On to my coord from 06082012! It was pretty
casual! I went to the mall with my family.  
I got a two pair of really cute socks thinking they were
 knee high but they weren't the cashier lied to me! 
(。-`ω´-) & A bunch of ppl made negative comments
about my hair and I even got called Nicki Minaj.
but w/e I'm kawaii as fuqq  lol anyways
Thanks for reading!!!!!! More Posts & tutorials soon
I know I always say that BUT I promised my Gals
in the Black Gyaru Group I'd help out with the
channel so I have to keep my word!


  1. I love the hair! I don't know why you got negative comments. I suppose people aren't used to seeing that type of hairstyle on someone of color. I don't know, lol. The colors remind me of Shura from Ao no Exorcist. XD

    Are you apart of the Black Gyaru Group on facebook? If so, I'm apart of that group too! ^^

    1. The negative comments are mostly from black girls.... I guess they assume I look a mess because I have a head full of pink weave. O.o I had some ratchet ass girl with a scarf on her head & some red fluffy house shoes creep picture of me in Walmart..... I don't get it either w/e THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

      yes I'm a member of the group I post all the time lol.
      I'm surprised you haven't noticed me. >.> Do you post at all? Because I don't believe I've ever seen you there.

    2. Haha, well at least you don't care! Never let someone else's opinions get to you. You're welcome! :3

      Yes, I have seen you! But I wasn't 100% sure, which is why I asked. XD I've made a few comments within statuses and made a status when I first joined. I'm a very new members and new to Gyaru as well, lol. Currently, I'm taking a break from Facebook to concentrate on my novel. I plan to be more active in the group when I come back. x)

  2. They are lame af for saying you look like Nicki...ugh people piss me off with their close mindedness. You look gorgeous and I cannot wait to see some videos from you!

    1. IKR! == I like Nicki n all but she's not the only black person ever in the world to have pink hair.
      & Thank you!! <3 I'l try to make some after this week since I'll be on summer vacation finally

  3. pssssht haters, both you and Nicki Minaj completely OWN pink hair individually lol :3