Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mini burando Haul & Vintage Men's Egg

I got some brand items a while back. I've been meaning to do a post but you guise know how I do.

The first item I got was this grey button up d.i.a shirt. The material is really nice it kind of feels like jean?? idk.It looks like some douche bag bro shirt. I still love it though, and it matches well with my brown d.i.a belt.

Button and zipper details

Back details. It has fob gold embroidered words and a cross. 

The next item is a black d.i.a chain long sleeve top. It has a really weird lumpy hood thingy with a zipper its really confusing lol. The hood doesn't fit on my head its like too small or something and it doesn't unzip completely. I'm not sure of its purpose. Please help me out if you know how to work it.

The last d.i.a item I got is this really cute animal print shirt. the material is fuzzy but i'm not too sure what it's made of. It's one of my favorite items but I can't fit it because i'm too skinny(ृ•ˇ‸ˇ•。 ृ )ु

I also got 2 Ma*rs tops one is just a plain black long sleeve shirt so it's not worth showing. The other is this hooded zip up tank top. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this top, it's my favorite of all the things.

Aside from clothing items I got these fossils (they're not that old lol) Men's Egg vol 96( Sept 2007) and the 100th anniversary vol 100( Jan 2008). I haven't taken the time to thoroughly look them yet, but I've skimmed through it. It's interesting to see how gal/o has evolved other time.

That's all for now バイバイ!