Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Soooooo here's some of my wishlist items

1.Diamond Lashes in this style
(or lashes in this style)

2. Long grey wig

3. Fluffy leg warmers
(idc if its summer)

4. Blue Tofi lens

5. More Gal style clothes

And also I want a ton of knee high stoking & socks!
k bai bai

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cute phone apps & NEW! Make Tutorial

I'm bored & I can't sleep so I'm bloggin
I wanted to share a good editing app & a few 
cute deco apps! Yesterday I was up being a vampire like always 
and I got super bored and decided to put on
make up!

This is the end result with no edit!
As you can see there's a trashcan in the picture
which isn't cute and the color of my bow is
very washed out so to change it I tried photoshop it
but I suck at photoshop so decided to use a phone app
which is very popular called PhotoWonder! Its amazing
This is the after photo I cropped, sharped, added a blue tone,
 contrast & added vignette which is basically a blur effect.
PhotoWonder has a lot more effects & stuff I recommend 
trying it if you haven't! It's free so that's a plus.
After Using PhotoWonder I opened the picture in 
another app called SBYCamera where I added the 
sparkles and bubbles. The only down side to the
SBYCamera is it forces you to crop but other then
that is so CUTE! great roller stamps & stickers! 
It's also free! So yiss....I was thinking about
possibly do a tutorial on this look..but it's
dumb simple so idk should I???
lemme kno (*゚ー゚)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Classic Miyabi Style

Hey ghouls a few days ago I was inspired to
revisit my classic roots Visual Kei!
Well sort of lol I just teased my hair ≧▽≦
My coord was inspired by Kuro Gal
It's really nothing special 
Also I got my nails done 
The girl who did my nails asked I was gal 
I was really shocked! We talked about it 
but I'm really shy/awkward so I really didn't say much

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today's coords~

I look really derpy but I wanted to share today's
coord 4/10/2012 it's pretty simple
 (bcuz I'm Mr.Simple)

Diry mirror is dirty!
Anyways I wore this outfit to school
& one of my bottom lashes decided to fall off
then my glasses broke ( ´゚,_」゚)
so sad....hahha 

Monday, April 9, 2012


Oi! So just some updates! I got some glitter liner
I've been wanting some for a while. I got it from hottopic
I wasn't expecting it to work well but it's actually a very nice!
AND it was cheap $1.99

&&& I finally got a camera! I had to get it for a class
becuase it requires me to have some type of digital
cammy I choose the Olympus SP-800UZ Titanium 
                                                   It's iight but it has a lot of noise in low light
                                                 (which you can see in the photo below)
LOL my room is trashed please ignore it.
Yup that's pretty much it! k bye

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hold tight!!

┌|*゚o゚|┘ I will be updating a lot more soon! 
I got a camera now & Photoshop!

I'm outtie 3000! I got homework to do!