Friday, April 20, 2012

Cute phone apps & NEW! Make Tutorial

I'm bored & I can't sleep so I'm bloggin
I wanted to share a good editing app & a few 
cute deco apps! Yesterday I was up being a vampire like always 
and I got super bored and decided to put on
make up!

This is the end result with no edit!
As you can see there's a trashcan in the picture
which isn't cute and the color of my bow is
very washed out so to change it I tried photoshop it
but I suck at photoshop so decided to use a phone app
which is very popular called PhotoWonder! Its amazing
This is the after photo I cropped, sharped, added a blue tone,
 contrast & added vignette which is basically a blur effect.
PhotoWonder has a lot more effects & stuff I recommend 
trying it if you haven't! It's free so that's a plus.
After Using PhotoWonder I opened the picture in 
another app called SBYCamera where I added the 
sparkles and bubbles. The only down side to the
SBYCamera is it forces you to crop but other then
that is so CUTE! great roller stamps & stickers! 
It's also free! So yiss....I was thinking about
possibly do a tutorial on this look..but it's
dumb simple so idk should I???
lemme kno (*゚ー゚)


  1. Oooh~! I like those apps. I think you should do a tutorial for it, that's if you truly wanted to. I would definitely check it out. I wonder if those apps are in the Market for Androids, because I would download it.

    The bow is so cute >3< I would love to have one of those. The top you're wearing, I have the same one, lol.

  2. I have an Android phone xD
    So you can get these apps! I should of mentioned that . And thank you

  3. Love it!! I think I have that app on my samsung galaxy tab :o iz very nice~

  4. Cute Hair!!<3