Thursday, April 19, 2012

Classic Miyabi Style

Hey ghouls a few days ago I was inspired to
revisit my classic roots Visual Kei!
Well sort of lol I just teased my hair ≧▽≦
My coord was inspired by Kuro Gal
It's really nothing special 
Also I got my nails done 
The girl who did my nails asked I was gal 
I was really shocked! We talked about it 
but I'm really shy/awkward so I really didn't say much


  1. I really like your Visual Kei style! That looks really suits you. :) I'm also a fan of that style, but I don't know if I'll look right if I were to attempt the style, lol.

  2. Girl go for it!!! You will never no until you try ! Vk is much easier then Gyaru xD

  3. That outfit is sexy! You'd kill it if you had a D.I.A. inspired belt too omg > <

  4. Ikr!! Of if I had an actual D.I.A belt that be amazing