Monday, April 9, 2012


Oi! So just some updates! I got some glitter liner
I've been wanting some for a while. I got it from hottopic
I wasn't expecting it to work well but it's actually a very nice!
AND it was cheap $1.99

&&& I finally got a camera! I had to get it for a class
becuase it requires me to have some type of digital
cammy I choose the Olympus SP-800UZ Titanium 
                                                   It's iight but it has a lot of noise in low light
                                                 (which you can see in the photo below)
LOL my room is trashed please ignore it.
Yup that's pretty much it! k bye


  1. Aww yay more blog posts from you!!

  2. I really like the glitter liner, and it was a cheap bargain too!
    The camera is nice as well. My camera sometimes makes some noise too, but it's really low. Regardless, it's still a good camera, lol. XD