Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hey ,babies! It's been a while or at least it feels like it. I
didn't have the internet for like an entire week OMG #firstworldproblems.

Anyways in my absents I've gotten a few things I'd like to show you all!
I've also got a few updates. I'll start with the updates. 

I recorded a new make up tutorial, it already edited  and everything.
 I just have to add music and upload it to YouTube ( It should be up tonight) 

I'm going to be doing a tutorial for the Black Gyaru Channel FINALLY!
I think I'm gonna do a Himena inspired look. I've never tried Hime
but I can't be that difficult :>.

Hikaru's first meet had to be cancelled due to a series of unfortunate
events.  The meet will be rescheduled though, I'm looking forward to
meeting my sa-jin!

Last update I'll probably be changing my layout soon.  I got 
Photoshop cs6 unf it's soo sexyyy lol.
Recent GETS!!!!

Beauty GETS
 I got a new awesome gel eyeliner from Rimmel London.
Yo dis shit is BOMB I give it ★★★★★ (5 out of 5) It's so dark and
goes on smoov.  I also go Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation the 
lovely ladies in Gyaru LVL ↑↑↑ ! recommended it to me and so far I love it.
My face usually get a little shiny after wearing make up for a few hours
but with this it didn't as quicky. I'll rate it ★★★★☆ (Four out of 5) Because it
was a pain in the ketsu to wash off.

The next things I got was a lace front wig from a Korean owned beauty 
supply called Tisun. The store was HUGE! It was like a weave emporium!
When I walked in I was like
They had EVERYTHING!! I even found fluffy leg warmers; of course
I had to buy them. OHMERGLOB I look lyke Black Diamond!
Here is a picture of my wig and the coord I wore the legwarmers with
The wig is 3 toned, very long and heat resistant up to 400 degrees. I'm
going to try curling it today.  That's all~


  1. color stay is one of the best drug store brand foundations I've ever tried. and i love those leg warmers I just got a pair like that but they are pink and white leopard print. and that wig omg tooooo cute~

    1. YUSSS!! Thanks! your legwarmers sound better then mine!! LETS TRADE!!

  2. I can't wait for your video bb <3

  3. looking forward to your video *w* i really want to visit that korean store you describe XD and your outfits looks awesome!

    1. ;A; It;s been uploading since yesterday. My new internet service provider sucks.

  4. Replies
    1. Haha thanks!! It looks nices it has it's down sides. I should do a review one it.

  5. That wig looks awesome! I can't wait to see you do hime! I'm sure you'll look lovely!

  6. You and that wig, I sweeeeeeeer! Too much love <3

  7. You so sexy fufu <3 <3 what shoes did you wear with the leg warmers??? I never know what kind to wear ;_;