Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ebay Top & Bottom Lash Review.

Hiiii, today I'll be reviewing lashes I got from Ebay recently. 
The first pair are top lashes from a seller located in CA, The shipping was very fast.
The package of 10 pair of lashes cost $10 at buy now price ( I didn't feel like bidding).
They're really soft and made of human hair ( I think). The design is very nice they could be worn with both light and heavy styles of make up. The band is transparent and fairly flexible. I really like these lashes and I'd
definitely buy them again. Overall I rate them 【★★★★★】5 out of 5 stars.

The second pair of lashes I got were bottom lashes. These lashes were shipped from China. The shipping time was fair they didn't provide a tracking number though.
These lashes are also very soft and made of human hair, I really like these as well.
They're perfect for heavy eye make up,  I'd defiantly buy these again as well. My only issue with them is the transparent band isn't easy to hide, and they create a shadow under my eyelids. The shadow isn't so bad because I usually add "Aegyo Sal" when I do eye make up. But others may be okay with that. My rating for these are 【★★★★☆】4 out of 5 stars.

These lashes are a good combo, I'm completely happy with my purchases.


  1. Ohh your pics look wonderful~~

    Gah I need to figure out how to put on lashes haha. I watch so many videos but never get it//keepstrying

    P.S this song. yes.

    1. Thank you! Yes putting on false lashes is difficult at first but if you keep practicing it becomes easier, also you try using teasers that sometimes makes it easier for some peeps.

      Which song was it? It shuffles randomly between like 8 diff songs.

  2. Oh wow! Its crazy how eBay lashes look so good o_o

  3. i tried those bottom lashes before! looks so much more unnatural on me ;w; super jelly of your eye shape!!

  4. O.O I'm jello, I wish they looked natural on me. Thanks but your eye shape is gorgeous!!!