Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Budget Buys: YISHANG MEI 24 Hour Captivation Eyeliner -Review-

Hello, today I'll be doing a review on eyeliner I got from Amazon. My senpai brought it for me as a gift from my wishlist. (Thank's again senpai) Anyways the eyeliner I will be reviewing is called YISHANG MEI 24 Hour Captivation Eyeliner. I decided to buy this liner because it was cheap and I was hoping it be good liner despite the price. 
Product Information
Color: Black
Type: Liquid
Style: 0.1mm felt tip for precision

The liner comes in a really cute pink package with a 3D heart and a cute gyaru looking model. And as you can see the liners design is extremely similar to Dolly Wink eyeliner which made me want to purchase this product. I've heard a lot of good reviews about DW liner, but I've never tried it because it's a little pricey. I was hoping this would be a inexpensive alternative but naw...This product is
  • The pointed edge makes it early to draw eyeliner perfectly. 
  • Good for correcting mistakes.  

  • Not water proof
  • Draws streaky 89% of the time
  • Does not last 24 hours

Product Rating:
(2 out of 5) I probably would not buy this product again but I do use it because I don't like to waste things.


  1. dw doesn't work for me. it was very watery, and after about 5 uses it's pretty much dried and gone. Don't know if it was just a bad one I purchased, but seeing as my chanel and mac combo works fine I'm ok with not giving DW another go ><

  2. Where did you get the hair or wig from in that pic? It's pretty :)

    1. I got it from ebay but I don't have the link anymore to share it ;__;