Saturday, May 18, 2013

96 Gal メイク!

Step1: Evenly apply foundation, I'm using Revlon Color-stay.
Step2: Highlight the bring of the nose, I'm using L.A. Colors pressed powder BPP320 Nude

Step3: With a brown matte eye shadow contour down the sides of the nose and under the eyebrows creating a triangle shape. Make sure to blend evenly so your nose doesn't look dirty.
Step4: With the same pressed powder highlight the brow bone.
Step5: Apply eye shadow to eyelid,   I chose to use dark grey.
Step6: Using a black eyeliner pencil draw a small black line in the center of the bottom lid. I'm using
Remmel London SandalEYES in black.
Step7: Use black liquid liner to draw in the rest of the eyeliner and create a new eye shape.
Step8: Lastly apply a pair of bold top and bottom lashes.

All done!


  1. Great turorial, thanks for sharing! ^-^

  2. Amazing tutorial! You should do a tutorial for the hair at the end bb ;3;

    1. Hahah Thanks Lolo! >< It's a wig that's to ratty to be saved so I couldn't redo it. I sowwy.