Monday, May 27, 2013


I recently bought skin care products for my face desu.
I heard Ambi was good but it's not really working it makes my face
worst!! I just want perfect skin ashdfshfhdjfh! I like also tried
some pure African soap that looked like meatloaf that didn't work either.
I think North Carolina air is poison to my skin or something 
The Avon make up remover works well tho.
 Hahah I'll probably just end up going to the dermatologist  


  1. Aw no! What's wrong with your skin? Is it just getting a bunch of pimples or is it like a skin rash?

  2. Ambi was bought by a bigger corporation run by white people who don't understand our skin as much. They also changed the formula so there is that as well.

  3. Maybe I can be of help, I have some horrible skin but I've somehow managed to keep it under control. Maybe I can recommend something.

    1. If you eczema, or just dry/flaky areas I recommend schederma for those areas. They won't get of pimples. Cetaphil and cold water is also great as well as products with collagen. It'll brighten skin and give it elasticity. Tree tea oil is great but use it sparingly as it's strong in smell and might tingle.

      Collagen tablets, vitamin supplements and castor oil tablets work great. Drinking green tea and bush tea helps with purging as well as the required ml of water a day =3 There's also steaming of the face and acne extractor.

    2. Haha thanks for the suggestions!! I'll look into them.

      Tho I've already fix my skin with st ives!

  4. Nadinola is great for scars and although it says its a bleaching cream if you only use it on scars it doesnt lighten your natural complexion .

  5. Hmm, well i use a african cream for my skin that really works and makes my skin soft and natrually removes the pimple ^^ It's a moisturizer for dry skin, it's called "Swiss complex collagen and vitamin body creme" a creme that has lots of vitamins in it :3 i bought mine from this african shop in oslo since they already have it there.

    But if you want it online you can get it here

    "" I hope this helped.
    The site have so many good products that is only good for black people.