Saturday, January 5, 2013

OMGG possible Tokyo trip/Hikaru first meet

Hikaru's first meet is January 12th in Raleigh NC ! Everyone is welcome
to come a long and hangout. We are still accepting applications for new
members as well. For more info please visit
or contact me or Gigi on Facebook.

I usually don't write about my life on this blog idk why  but w/e
The other day my cousin contacted me on Instagram & told me she
was going to be visiting Tokyo in march and she wanted me to tell her
some cool places to visit. I suggested Shibuya of course. Anyways 
she invited me to go along with her, I nearly died. I'd have to save 
enough money to go in a month and I doubt I'd be able to that. 
I'm gonna play the lotto or become a professional hobo lol. Maybe 
I can find 3000 people to give me $1 haha I kid I'm gonna work hard
and try to make this happen FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGG!


  1. dang girl LIFE IS COMING HARDD
    Hope you get enough $$$!
    I'm trying to save $$ as well so
    imma pray 4 da both of us
    xoxoxoxo ;___;

  2. Aww omg that is huge news about you going to Japan holy crap I'm jealous! I hope you can make the money on time!

  3. Much luck on your saving to Japan!! What an amazing trip that would be!! =D