Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Oi! Today I just want to post my
coord and make. Today I did Onee 
Gyaru I usually don't do this
bcuz people annoy me with it but I
don't hate. I think its beautiful style
I won't get into the rage I feel when
certain ppl choose to do this style.
BUT anyways I didn't have time
to do my usual make today so I
decided to try something simple
I have a Hippie Nuts magazine
and I looked through it to find a
look i'd like. My make isn't exactly
the same  bcuz I dont have the right
type of eyeliner & lashes 
My coord was also Onee Gal
inspired idk how If it looks Onee-ish
This is my first attempt and I kinda like
this style maybe later in life I'll try it
out. or I'll be awesome and do Ane
Gal instead .Okay thanks for reading.