Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello babes, How are you?
 I'm alright busy with school it's 
finals week!
Everything is like asdfgjjkkl but
you know me I put the pro in 
procrastination. I'm done with most 
of my stuff I just need to get prints.
 But anyways remember me saying
something about planing a Gal Meet?
Well that's still a thing. I posted the flyer
on tumblr but I forgot to post it here.
The meet is at anime USA in DC
If you anyone is interested here is like 
link to the event click HERE!~
If you are in the DC area and don't
want to pay for a badge we're probably
meeting outside the con so you can still
chill with us EVERYONE is welcome.
And there is a chance to WIN A PRIZE
one of the items is a pair of circle lens.
ohhhh I ordered an awesome onepiece 
from Julia boutique its sooo cute~
I also ordered nail stuff on ebay from
 i'm waiting for that to arrive I'm gonna 
have awesome gyaru claws .
That all for now! I'm planing some things
for my YT channel for stay tuned for that!


  1. How do you order from Julia boutique? Link me!!

    1. My Japanese friend Kei ordered it for me.
      Lolo knows a shipping service ask her :3