Sunday, June 10, 2012

So about my wig...

I just remember a few Gals in the Black Gyaru
Group ask me about my light brown wig. I meant
to make a post about it but you know me.
So I got this wig last year from Ebay (I'll try
and find the link if you're interested) I didn't
actually like it because it didn't look right on my skin tone 
Since I didn't like it at the time I tried to cut 
& style it the way Pin did his but OMG FAIL. I'm not
that talented and I gave up but I did remove the
shine & cut layers in it so that improved its look.
Later on the curls fell & I straightened it. Somehow
the wig got drakers O.o maybe bcuz I melted the fibers
and this is the current state of the wig its so tanglely
and constantly sheds hair but it looks nice in pictures 


  1. That's the only good thing about messing around with shit wigs~ they always look good in photos, -at least-. Unless the wig was just complete trash to begin with xD;