Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today I got a BIG box of Japanese snacks. My friend あつし was so kind to send me the lovely snacks from The Glorious Land of Nippon. All the packaging is so cute I kind of don't want to open any of it lol.
Here is everything I got I'm not sure of all the names because my Japanese skills are hella elementary okrr.
I'll try listing the items in case someone wants to try them out for themselves.
  •  Meiji - Takenoko No Sato(Chocolate Coated Bamboo Shoot Shaped Cookies)
  • Meiji - Apollo Strawberry Chocolate Candy
  • Meiji - Kinoko No Yama (Chocolate Coated Biscuit Shaped  Mushrooms) Flavor(s): Original & Ichigo
  • KitKat- Flavor(s): Green Tea & Ichigo
  • Glico- Pocky Flavor(s): Chocolate w/ Crushed Green Tea & Ichigo

The ichigo flavored Pocky came in a cute metallic pink box and are heart shaped 
The last items I'm not sure of what they are so I just took a picture of them.
These cookies thooooough...omg they're so BOMB! I had to put them away so I wouldn't finish the entire package. The chocolate is really rich an creamy, I love them. I think I'm going to buy more after I devour them all.
Last food items are these Vocaloid candies that come in assorted flavors. I've never tried them, Applo, green tea Kitkats or crushed Pocky  before so I don't know if they're good .
I also got a cute duckie, Hello Kitty mechanical pencil and a led holder thingy. Well, that all I have. I 'm going to go clean my room because it looks like a storm blew through it.

バイバイ !


  1. omg APOLLO choco is BOMBBB + my favorite!

    I live in So Cal so we have Japanese snackies super accessible <3

    Have you tried Matcha Kit Kats??? We should be snail-mail buddies!<3 I'd send you some!

    1. Hii, I haven't eaten the Appollo chocos yet but everyone keeps telling me they're really good.
      I'm so jello Cali has all the good stuff :< I haven't tried matcha KitKats but I have some and I will eat them as soon as I'm done with the ichigo ones!

      :D you should contact me on fb so we can be buddies!

  2. Japanese sweets are the best! I was always such a fan of Choco Pie, do you know it?