Monday, March 18, 2013

BOO! Bottom lash Review.

I just wanted to do a quick review on bottom lashes I got from Ebay.
I was anxiously waiting for these lashes to arrive because I had big 
plans for them. I was soooo excited when I got the news they arrived.
 When I opened them I disappointed in these lashes 

As I said I got them from Ebay click HERE to view I got style  011
I personally think these lashes are way shorter then the photo led on to be.
Theyre super stubby and barely notic able. I definitely will not be buying
these lashes again but I will wear them because I don't want waste them.
Here is what they look like on, I will definitely try a few different looks 
with them before I completely decide if I like them or not. I think if you like
 natural looks then these would be good for that, but for my gal style not so much.

I think its a crucial thing to add that I posted a photo of these on 
Instagram and about 5 people told me they bought these as well and 
they didn't like them either. Also a few said they had a hard time
getting them to bend.

Alright that's it for my review thanks for reading!  I'm going to bed
I'm so sleepy!

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  1. I have the same lashes! I dont like them either, i just cutted them in half and blend them with my own lower lashes if you know what i mean. I wanna see full face photos <3.