Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1llionaire Gang~

Yesterday I got the bestest thing EVER in the mail
It's from my long time fb buddy Red!!  We're both big
fans of 1llionaire ( Dok2, Beenzino & The Quiett)
She got me this rubber bracelet on one side it says
"illionaire" and the other says "Hustle Real Hard" 
If you like Korean music & Hiphop/rap then you should
deff check out their music! I'll link a few of my favorite
songs. These are older song 

Dok2 & The Quiett's style has changed a lot they're
 more into that "I'm ballin'" type of style.
My cord yesterday was pretty awesome so
I'm gonna share some pixxxxx
♪(┌・。・)┌ throwin my 1llionaire signs up
Idk why I get so dressed up for class. Some times I
feel over dressed #gyaruproblems!
That's all thanks for reading or at least looking 
at the pictures LOL!!! PS Sorry about the shitty
cellphone pictures, I was to lazy too use my camera.
;A; my blogg is getting sloppy 

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