Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My base make up routine.

I recently watched my gal pal Pepa's base make up routine on the Latin Gyaru YT channel. It kind of inspired me to make this post.  My routine is a lot more basic bitch compared to hers but w/e lol links to that HERE if you would like to check that out (It all in Spanish btw).
I know a lot of people have be like dying to see what I look like o'natural well your wish will be granted.
(,,#゚Д゚) Here is a rare picture of me with out make up. PLEASE excuse my face I know I look kind of busted, but this why I wear make up.
On to the beautification process aka how I trick people into thinking I'm good looking.
Side note:  Sorry I didn't draw like diagrams for my highlights and contouring. I tried to but it came out really sloppy looking because I don't have a graphic tablet.
Step 1: Highlighting- I use Garnier Nutritioniste  Skin Renew concealer under my eye, high point of my chin, and nose bridge/ T-zone. I then use a pressed power to set the conceal so my face doesn't get shinny. 
Step 2: Foundation- I use Revlon Color-stay in shade 370 toast to cover the imperfections on the rest of my face. Then I blend that with the concealer. Since the Revlon foundation is slightly too light for my skin tone I then buff a layer of darker foundation over my entire face so I don't look like I hate myself (*´・v・)

Step 3: Contouring- With a brown matte eye shadow I shade the sides of my nose, the hollows of my cheeks and my chin. Then I fill in my eye brows and correct any mistakes ( (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) I really hate these pictures they aren't very good)

Final step: Lastly is eye make up, lip gloss (god knows I need it), eyelashes, and blush! TADA~ I look like a  new person! 

Thanks for reading! (or at least looking at the picture lol)


  1. Natural beauty you don't even need make-up but it still looks lovely.

  2. Your contour is always on point. What lenses are those?

    1. Thank youuuuu! They're Barbie King Size Violet I wear a pair of normal size hazel contacts over them which probably isn't the safest thing to do but w/e,I don't do it often.